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That is apparently happening right now actually. Key word being actually because hey, the only sources for this crap are on Tumblr, some posts on the Steven Universe reddit, and some truly disgusting comments left on some DA pages. Here's the thing; in my many years of existing on this rock, I've learned that sources can be very useful, especially when they can be verified. So, when pages that might have been useful for some context are taken down due to an extremely large backlash of negativity, and the only leads are people posting about it on Tumblr and other sites, it can be hard to discern what is actually true, and what is a big steaming pile of truffles.

That, and I really don't care. About any of this. Seriously, the only reason I'm writing this is a mixture of boredom and getting rather annoyed at some things I've read in the last five minutes. Regardless, here, for one night only, are my thoughts on the Steven Universe Brony controversy!*
*This journal will remain past tonight. Kappa.

So, how did this all start? Guessing it was due to the announcement down on Equestria Daily about plans to launch a sister site for Steven Universe, to be named the Beach City Bugle. And, of course, people see it as a reason to, for lack of a better term, flip. From the sounds, both sides of each fandom had mostly negative things to say about both the idea and each other respectively. And of course, the EQD page is taken down, and nothing is ever said of it again. Right? Right? If only.

Now, there's no way to tell who fired the first shot; again, the page was taken down, and I'd rather not refer to sites that may pick up on these things for some simple reasons; some sites endorse the harassment of people on the internet for something as silly as mocking a fan blog. Others may not have the credibility or staff to back up claims, or sources might not be mention or used in making statements. I need context, information. Proof and such. Either way, I feel safe in saying that both sides reacted with the same amount of gusto and bravado to be expected when it comes to defending your favorite show. Which literally just translates into a bunch of people typing out vulgar messages onto a forum or chat in hopes of drowning out the opposing side.

Bronies overreacted. Steven Universe fans overreacted. They both fucked up; there is no we or them, both sides are to blame for what I can only assume to be a big ol' pile up of internet controversy that is trying to put itself up with other examples of people listening to who shouts the loudest instead of those who provide a decent argument, for or against a new idea. That's not to say fandoms can't get along though; by the sounds of things on reddit, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls fans get along well enough. If I had to hazard a guess (bearing in mind this is from a point of ignorance; so please, don't get all uppity, the few people who read this with the relevant context. You're all great people by the way :P) one of the potentil reasons for the SU fans to react so negatively to the idea of a Brony run site branching off into another popular show, is due to the many, many stupid, pointless, BULLSHIT controversies that the fandom has run into; remember the whole Derpy controversey? Or how about Equestria Girls. How about Flash Sentry, in his rather short non dialogue appearance in that one episode.

That being said, I'm unfamiliar when it comes to the whole Steven Universe fandom for the reasons that I never knew such a fandom existed, and when I did, I decided to keep it to reddit and leave it at that so as to avoid things such as this. A fandom has a lot of potential to do great things; charity, art, music, interviews, fanfiction. So many great things can arise from a large group of people having a common interest, and I have seen it before on multiple occasions. That said, there's also as much potential for things to go downhill. And then for things to go so downhill, the fandom you used to know and love is now nothing more then a cesspit of vileness that you'd rather pretend it never existed; thankfully haven't come to that point yet. Key word being yet. And yes, I did say fandom a lot in this paragraph. My apologies.

The long and short of it is this; people overreacted and shot an idea down before it got a chance to take off. It came from both sides; there is no innocent party here. Maybe there will be a Beach City Bugle in the future when things have calmed down, perhaps by Calpain or by someone else entirely. Either way, I wish them luck. Gonna stick to reddit though, find it easier to navigate is all. The only thing I hope, and even that is a stretch, is that people don't drop whatever show they watch because of this; if you enjoy something, then watch it, regardless of whatever might be happening in whatever group you associate with. Watch it if it makes you think, makes you happy, provokes an emotion or inspires you to do something. Don't depend on others to decide what it is you can and can't enjoy. Because hey, that'd be boring.


Also, in response to AleximusPrime's journal; you're title to me is the equivalent of pointing the finger at someone and crying about what they did to you. Granted though I admire the optimism of what you wrote; something I wished I possessed.
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Hey guys. And gals. And everyone else.

Not much to say really, just some guy who does sketches of ponies whenever he feels like it. And maybe the occasional vector.

That aside, I play games, work on things and all that good stuff.

Request list

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Before you yell at me this is gonna change. Okay? Sweet.


Gray. Your'e an awesome guy and I love you. Seriously though thanks for the suggestion.
Tue Jun 10, 2014, 1:18 PM
I'm totes gonna regret this. Eh, hopefully not.
Mon May 19, 2014, 2:15 PM
Fuckin' Famosa. Or Midco 'cause apparently they can't decide on a name.
Mon Apr 14, 2014, 6:24 PM
Browsing Adventure Time art on DA. It's fun :D
Thu Feb 6, 2014, 4:53 PM
Enchanting storylines. That was a actually a valid point; comics with more interesting stories appeal more to me in all honesty. My favorite is The Killing Joke, to anyone who reads this :P
Sat Dec 21, 2013, 8:07 AM
Sat Nov 30, 2013, 7:50 AM
That webcam doesn't mean anything. I just think it's hilarious :P
Sat Nov 23, 2013, 3:02 PM
Got something special planned for upload tonight, for all you people who come and read this tiny little text box. Hey reader. Have a great time.
Tue Nov 19, 2013, 10:32 AM
If I don't upload my new stuff tonight someone kick me in the nads :|
Wed Nov 13, 2013, 4:02 AM
So drawings on line paper ain't accepted now? Sorry bobthedalek :|
Wed Oct 16, 2013, 8:50 AM

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