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Okay. Tags. Let's get that outta the way. I've been tagged by this person :iconurbanhawk: who I thought was dead. As is the norm of saying when you've been gone for a long time. Gonna be honest; the phrase is overused. And highly morbid. And while I like my dark humor as much as the next guy, I'm gonna try and refrain from using that particular statement. Instead I'll say I've been busy with things regarding life, so hopefully that'll make up for the monthly hiatuses.

Also Urban. Hi. You've made some really good stuff. And to anyone reading this, I'd recomend you go check out his stuff, might find something you like. Didn't get the tag up there? Here it is again. :iconurbanhawk: And to be on the safe side. :iconurbanhawk::iconurbanhawk: :iconurbanhawk:

Haven't done one of these in a while. Hope it goes smoothly.

1: What is your favorite fish? To eat? Cod. :P My favorite fish is the Clown Fish. Having seen them in film, most notably Finding Nemo, and seeing them in aquariums and such, these are the fish that've stuck in my mind for the last few years.

2: If the world had been made by you, what would it be like. Honestly, this is one of those questions that seem idealistic at first, but also hold a lot of weight in how it'd actually all play out; the world itself is fragile in that we're being kept alive by an ecosystem of trees that take carbon and produce oxygen for use to breath, and sustenance for us to eat. Changing that feels too complicated though, so I'd probs keep the world as is, but eliminate currency.

3: Medic is Spy. What do? Take out my Solemn Vow and clobber the sunnova. Then do the Conga on his corpse. Then invite everyone to Conga, thus ruining the purpose of the game and replacing it with a repetitive dance that's hilarious to watch. :)

4: What is your favorite music album? Louis Armstrong's greatest hits.

5: What is your favorite second show? That's a toughie. I'm torn between Gravity Falls, which has some great sibling relationships and morals, Steven Universe which punches me in the feels, and Adventure Time which constantly gives me the feeling of elation and devastation in one neat bundle. My third favorite show is Wander over Yonder, which has a great dynamic with the two main characters and some fairly substantial humor.

6: What is your most treasured object? My Sup Guy plush.

7: Equestria Girls. Win or Fail? Win. Which I'm totally not saying to spite all those who judged it before it was even released.

8: What is the airspeed velocity of an Unladen Swallow? Plaid.

9: What if the Doctor had a male companion? Then there'd be complaints of it turning into a sausage fest. That and other arguments that I don't want to mention here. I'm also not sure how butterflies perceive a rainbow. That's sounds interesting though, I'll admit.

10: Would I like some Strudel. Maybe in a few weeks. And if it has apples. I'd be into that :P

And now this is the part where I tag other people. Only the likeliness of anyone even trying this out from a schmoe like me is highly unlikely; regardless, I tag these people :icongray--day::iconpony-berserker::icontato-11::iconfallenpeach::iconsaturdaymorningproj:

And my questions are this; 1: Do you have a favorite video game/s? 2: Tastiest food? 3: What platform do you use most frequently? 4: Read any good books lately? 5: Favorite instrument. 6: Favorite cartoon/anime. Or both. Or neither. 7: Preferred choice of beverage. 8: Into any particular fandom/s? 9: "Because 7,8,9." Do you get that reference? 10: What do you think about tags and tagging?

And now onto the main event; me rambling about recent happenings in Gravity Falls and my pet peeve about things related to reviewers. Nothing bad though. Also spoilers.

So. The most recent episode, "The Love God." I'm kinda mixed about it for one reason; Robbie. To me, Robbie is one of the less developed characters of Gravity Falls, with most of his notable interactions being between Wendy and Dipper. And, of course, those had to be arguments over their joined affection for Wendy. The long and short of it is I don't care for Robbie as a character, both due to a lack of development before The Love God, and the fact he existed mostly as a romantic foil for Dipper in the first season.

That said. With the recent development of Robbie successfully dating Tambry (with a bit of help from Mabel) with the former finally moving on from Wendy, perhaps the character can move into a different light. Until then, I just don't really give a hoot about him. Doesn't mean he can't be happy though; that's something we're all entitled to be. I was just hoping that I'd be able to see more in the means of development from Robbie, as I have from other shows. Like Adventure Time. Something you defiantly can't draw parallels to Gravity Falls with in any way, shape or form. Kappa.

And to finish it off; kinda wish reviewers would give more focus to the characters as well as the mystery aspect of Gravity Falls. Kinda got into it on the basis of it has a sibling relationship where the two are not constantly on each-others nerves.

And I'm tired and I've got a thing to scan so I'ma do that now. So toodles. Bye. Sleep well. Bap.
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Hey guys. And gals. And everyone else.

Not much to say really, just some guy who does sketches of ponies whenever he feels like it. And maybe the occasional vector.

That aside, I play games, work on things and all that good stuff.

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