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Go ahead, leave me. by 8-Xenon-8

...:iconmotherofgodfaceplz: Now for critique... The vision for this is clear enough: Rainbow looking quite terrifying, using the scary demeanour instead of in your face horror. Originality is good, using your own style of colouring and design, with a large amount of the focus going into the single bloodshot eye. Technique is... Sketchy. The pick I have with this is that some of the colouring looks... Blotchy in places, mainly on the flank and fore hoof. That said, the way you have styled the mane and tail are good, and the ear is fluffy. I like the ear a lot :meow: Impact overall: Very original, using your own style to make a very simple yet effective horror piece. The colouring is a bit off in areas, and you may want to add more definition to the wing, it blends in with the coat slightly making it hard to see. That aside, I do like the detail you put into the eye, and the smaller details such as the ear, the tail and even the dark hoofs are well placed. Overall, great piece :iconrainbowdashlaplz:
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