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Spitfire's Tough Choice by Mystic-Forces

Poor Rainbow. Now for critique... For a first comic, this is pretty well done. It has good humour, a variety of expressions, and is that a reference to Toy Story in the final panels? The originality is also quite good, as it offers a spin on Spitfire's original reasoning for picking Lightning Dust over Rainbow Dash. The use of the 8 ball is has a big impact in originality overall. Technique... This is where I get a bit more picky. While you have a decent set of backgrounds, and the colours for each character look accurate, the outlines of the characters are a little bit grainy, and some areas such as the ear could use more refining. That aside, I do like the detail put into the eyes and the eyelashes. Impact overall? A good spin on the shows cannon, a variety of poses and expressions, and a very hilarious Rainbow Dash in the final panel. Overall, great comic :iconrainbowdashlaplz:
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Mystic-Forces Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Thank you very much for your Critique! Regarding with the magic 8 ball, yes, it did made me think back to that Toy Story scene when I incorporated that into my story. As for why the outlines look so grainy, it's because I use Adobe Photoshop for my work. When I scan my ink drawings, I always use "Threshold" under the "Adjustments" tab to make it easier for me to edit the outlines out as well as to fill in the empty spaces with Brush or Paint Bucket. I know alot of MLP artists uses Vectors for their art (probably from Adobe Illustrator), but I just stick with what I do best.

Once again, thank you for your Critique, and I'm glad you have enjoyed it!

- Ford Shipper
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